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Binswood School, Leamington Spa - June 2012

This Tudor style building was built in 1847. Amongst its successful pupils were Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the Jet engine who was a scholar here between 1918 and 1923. The school subsequently became part of the North Leamington Community School. It closed in 2009 and is now undergoing conversion into a retirement village.

Been planning on going here for quite some time, and after seeing Fee's report earlier in the month we finally made the drive down and had a wander around.

To be honest I was expecting access to be a lot more difficult than it was, but this may be down to the work that's going on. The construction people kindly left all of their lights on over the weekend for us, despite the numerous signs telling them to switch them off.

I think we covered most of the place but we couldn't find a way to get to the gym for some reason which was a bit of a disappointment. There isn't really a great deal left in situ, but there are some nice bits here and there and some interesting paper work, including some old photos. It's worth a look if your in the area, although I'd head over pretty sharpish as work is moving along quickly.

The hall from the road. Inside the hall from the previous photo. The stage. Some of the impressive detailing. Large hall doors and stairway. The old kitchen. A nice stairway. An old laboratory. Another angle. Low voltage power supply on a lab bench. Variable power supply. Meters. Classroom with old style board. Staff room pigeon holes. A corridor. Toilets. Swimming pool. Stained glass window. Retro school photos!