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North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - December 2014

The imposing administration block.

Designed by architect Thomas Full James to originally accommodate between 60 and 200 patients, the hospital originally had its own farm and gasworks. Planned for closure by Enoch Powell during the 1960s, it was closed in sections from 1991 to 2002.

We had visited here back in early 2012 whilst the works were ongoing to install the new roof, we hadn't even set foot in the grounds before getting a rollicking off the mega angry meat head security guard. We said that we would go back, however things always got in the way and we never got around to it. Fast forward nearly 3 years and he messages me asking if we fancy it for this weekend, so that's what we did. It was a nice morning well spent, we were only there for a couple of hours but I think we saw most of what there is to see really.

It is well and truly destroyed but here and there, there are some nice bits and pieces.

The actual explore of the hospital was uneventful it was the aftermath that was a bit chaotic. Firstly wandering in someone's back garden to look at some other derelict place, to be spotted (and shouted at) by someone having a shower. We then lost the car park, twenty minutes later and after asking 4/5 useless inhabitants of Denbigh we had found it. Still, it was worth the hassle!

The main entrance and gate house.

Looking up at where you once would enter through the main entrance door.

An old blocked up fireplace in one of the basement rooms in the admin block.

Looking up, all of the floors have now been removed and cleared away.

Behind the admin block, the now inaccessible tower above.

One of the numerous wards.

A toilet and washroom off the ward.

Another larger ward.

Some minor details still survive including the border around the top of this room.

A nice gabled window.

Large room, the small rooms to the side were the individual patients rooms.

A room with barred windows.

The only ward we found that still had curtain rails in place.

A small room with a nice looking light fitting.

This particular part seemed to have been altered considerably from it's original state having been subdivided into smaller rooms.

An unknown room.

This is roughly where the main hall once stood.

As you can see, it is a large site.

More modern additions can be seen against the original features.

I quite liked the bottom opening windows.

Milk crates and bottles ->

Part of a wheelchair in the basement.

The old mortuary, minus the slab.

The medium sized chapel.

A severed corridor and wing.

Me and BAJ, quite glad we had bothered to go back after so long.