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St Johns Mental Hospital, Bracebridge Heath - May 2012

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The Asylum was built in 1852 and enlarged on several subsequent occasions. It was originally established jointly by Lindsey, Kesteven, Holland, Lincoln, Grimsby and Stamford, and managed by a Board of Visitors appointed by the contributing authorities. Kesteven and Grantham withdrew from the Read more

Blood Creek, Stoke - May 2012

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Blood creek is a culverted part of the Cockster brook running under Longton, not entirely sure where it comes out, I have a few ideas of where it could be though so further investigation will be done. Don't think it will be possible to climb up the slide, probably easier to start at the other end Read more

Morrilew Pottery and Port Vale Mill, Stoke - May 2012

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Located along the Caldon Canal in Middleport, Stoke are the former Morrilew Pottery and Port Vale Flour Mill. Alongside is Middleport Mill a former calcining works which are also quite an interesting explore but for some reason I decided not to take any photos, so will have to head back soon. Read more

Gripper, Manchester - May 2012

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This runs across Platt Fields, on the fenceline between Manchester High School for Girls and the Park. At its end it is culverted underground and exits into the lake. "Part of the Very Ancient Mickle or Great Ditch sometimes called Nico Ditch Well-known A.D.1200. Extending over Five Miles from here Read more

Big Mill, Leek - May 2012

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Big Mill in Mill Street was built in 1857 to the design of famous Victorian architect William Sugden, who was responsible for many of Leek's prominent buildings. It was originally built for Lovatt and Goulding, but eventually became Wardle and Davenports. and was occupied from 1858 by Joseph Read more