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Blood Creek, Stoke - May 2012

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Blood creek is a culverted part of the Cockster brook running under Longton, not entirely sure where it comes out, I have a few ideas of where it could be though so further investigation will be done. Don't think it will be possible to climb up the slide, probably easier to start at the other end and follow it down stream. Not a really long brook but pretty much all of the brook is underground so definitely more to look at, hopefully there will be some interesting bits too.

It's a pretty boring drain being mostly a big metal pipe, after quite a while it gets a concrete floor before becoming a concrete pipe, the main point of interest being the roughly 10 feet high slide next to the processing unit.

The water level was quite high in some parts and the outfall is almost waist deep so waders probably a must have for this one.

The outfall. It's quite a repetitive looking drain. Broken up by the odd access ladder. See, there's another! Sewer flowing overhead. Now an RCP rather than dodgy corrugated metal. This slippery slide is where our journey ends!