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Top Bridge Works (Price and Kensington), Stoke on Trent - September 2019

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For whatever reason in the years that I've been doing this I'd never actually had a serious look at this place, I guess it just never really looked worth the effort, but I think I was wrong really, I probably should have had a look years ago when it wasn't so wet. It's one of those weird places Read more

Swithland Reservoir - December 2016

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This place has been done plenty of times, so not adding anything new here. We were in the vicinity checking some other stuff out and thought why not pop in to have a look. I'd heard tales of vast quantities of massive spiders, but only saw one that was alive, bit of a relief. Swithland reservoir, Read more

Stoke-on-Trent Workshops for the Blind - September 2019

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The Workshops for the Blind were closed in 2013, naturally it was straight on my radar, especially with it being a nice old art deco style industrial building (my favourite). However, since closing it has had very tight security and therefore has taken lots of persistence but as always it has Read more

Dudson Pottery, Stoke on Trent - Summer 2019

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Dudson is a British company that manufactured fine china. It was one of the oldest china companies in England, founded in 1800. It was one of the first of the pottery companies to identify a need for products specifically to serve the hospitality market and soon after its launch began exclusively Read more

Derby and Hartley Buildings, Liverpool University - February 2019

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Similarly with the Fruit Exchange there appears to be minimal information available on the internet about these buildings, there is a fairly detailed history of Liverpool University available here: British History. There are brief mentions of the Hartley building as follows: a handsome botanical Read more

Liverpool Fruit Exchange - February 2019

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There seems to be relatively little information about this place on the internet, hence I've just wheeled out the standard chunk of history that people have been using from Historic England. No.10-16 Victoria Street was built in c.1888 as a railway goods depot for the London & North Western Read more

Cardiff City Asylum, Whitchurch - January 2019

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I have a previous report on here from August 2017, during that visit we had really been limited in what we saw due to the place being fairly tight, so I'd wanted to come back ever since really. We made a brief flying visit last year on the way back from Cefn Coed but we just had a bit of a mooch Read more

Stanton Ironworks, Ilkeston - December 2018

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After seeing a recent report I simply had to visit this place especially with it being relatively local. I don't think you can really beat a big old, dirty horrible industrial site. Especially one which has plenty of opportunities for clambering about. Bonus points for a big portion of the place Read more
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