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Shelton Hospital, Shrewsbury - June 2016

Shelton Hospital was a hospital specialising in mental health, located in Shelton, Shrewsbury, close to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

The hospital opened in 1845 as the Shropshire and Montgomery County Asylum with an official capacity of 60 patients although already, on opening, having 104. The hospital functioned throughout the 20th century, reaching its peak population in 1947, when the hospital had 1027 patients.

In 1968 tragedy struck the hospital when a fire ripped through a female ward, killing 21 patients.

With the changing of the Mental Health Acts and treatments, the hospital slowly moved from a long stay hospital, to a more outpatient and care in the community based facility.

Shelton Hospital closed in 2012 as services moved to the new £46m Shrewsbury Mental Health Village, called the Redwoods Centre, situated a little south of the old Shelton Hospital.

The former hospital is a grade II listed building.

I'd been intending to visit here since it closed with it being relatively local, one thing lead to another though and it was delayed until now.

Sadly a large portion was inaccessible when I visited, could only really access the parts where work is well and truly under way, will probably pop back at some point and have another go at the less messed with parts.

Outside, a bike rack. Ramps. Inside one of the many service tunnels. Basement area. Services. Basement. One of the wings. End of corridor. Spiral fire escape. Construction. Dirty alcoves. Corridor under reconstruction. Cast iron window frames. Parquet floored hall. Flues from boiler plant. The main kitchen. Up stairs in the kitchen. Kitchen ventilation equipment. Projector room. Light switch. Doorways. Cistern. Varying wall coverings. Purple corridor. Window. WC's. Kitchen corridor. Bricks and window. Work well under way. Progress...