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Stoke Mega - March 2013

It'd been quite some time since we'd had the waders out so we were both itching to get out and decided to head down to Mega. BAJ had been before but this was the first time I'd gotten around to doing it. Not the most interesting of drains - all pretty modern, nice little stone bit at the start that is an old bridge then the rest is boring concrete. Going to be getting more drains done when the weather picks up. Lots to have a look at around Stoke and further afield!

It's a short culverted part of the Fowlea Brook which flows through the city through multiple channels and culverts. Plenty more to check out further up and down stream.

The oldest part of the culvert, originally simply a stone bridge over the brook. The end of the bridge where it joins the main concrete culvert. A slightly underlit photo, but shows some of the debris built up in the water. An old car bonnet. Ladder up to a man hole. Not the most inspired location. The glow of the street lamps on the A500 outside. The outflow side. Me and BAJ after our stroll.