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Underground Reservoir, Stone - March 2013

No info really on this one, it's a seemingly disused underground reservoir, from the water marks on the walls doesn't look like it's been full for a long time. Not much to see but it has a nice ball float valve. It possibly could of had something to do with the nearby Meaford Power Station, one of the valves being labelled "Main ... Meaford"?? Will come back with more info if I discover anything.

Visited on a spur of the moment text from BAJ, cheers to Humpa for spotting this one and driving us about.

Our snowy track to the reservoir, the imposing concrete structure is the valve room. Inside, it's not a huge place. Access ladder and pipes. Another angle of the utilitarian structure. Our lighting and the columns cast nice shadows. Inside the ball valve chamber, which would prevent the reservoir from overfilling. Within the valve room, you can just make out some of the labelling. Us three.