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Bypass, Bradford - March 2013

Big thanks to Ojay and Squizz for showing us around, really appreciated.

This was for LE's birthday explore, so of course there was a cake and a meal out at Maccies. A really enjoyable explore, something I'd been wanting to do for ages now. Hopefully go back up to Bradford to see more some time soon. Nice seeing everyone again and meeting viraleye!

The grilled inflow, I believe this was somewhere near the university. A brick section. Tube and small slot. Within the CSO, cameras keeping an eye on proceedings. Many turds. Pipe to a chamber. Inside one of the many deep shafts. A box section. Splitting into three. Slope. Danger; it was quite fast flowing. Drain porn. More RCP. Our entry point was right up the top. Another chamber. The outflow.