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St Johns Mental Hospital, Bracebridge Heath - November 2012

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The Asylum was built in 1852 and enlarged on several subsequent occasions. It was originally established jointly by Lindsey, Kesteven, Holland, Lincoln, Grimsby and Stamford, and managed by a Board of Visitors appointed by the contributing authorities. Kesteven and Grantham withdrew from the Read more

Royal Masonic School for Boys, Bushey - November 2012

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First visited earlier in the month by myself, was due to go with Clough but he had car troubles so unfortunately couldn't come. Headed back recently with Humpa as part of our little road trip. It's a nice relaxed explore, not a great deal to see in the actual school part, but the chapel is Read more

St Edward's Mental Hospital Chapel, Cheddleton - November 2012

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St Edward's Asylum was constructed between 1895 and 1899. It provided a welcome overflow to the nearby St Georges Asylum in Stafford and St. Matthew's Asylum at Burntwood. It was later renamed to St Edwards Hospital. Set in an amazing woodland it has been carefully converted into residential use Read more

Sleaford Maltings, Sleaford - November 2012

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In 1901 the whole complex was designed by H A Couchman, an Architect and Engineer working for Bass Ratcliff and Gretton Ltd. The malthouses at Bass's Shobnall Road site, also designed by Couchman, were the model for Sleaford, but the new malthouses incorporated considerable refinements including Read more

Wades Hill Works, Stoke-on-Trent - July and November 2012

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Wade Ceramics Ltd. are manufacturers of porcelain and earthenware, including animal figures for their Collectors Club, whisky flagons, and a variety of industrial ceramics. Wade Ceramics was established in 1867. It was originally made up of a number of different companies founded by various members Read more

Masticator (Meanwood Beck), Leeds - October 2012

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Many a laugh was had on this adventure, really enjoyed it, except when I had a welly breach! I have a few videos that I may bung up at some point of some of the funnier moments. Anyway, true to form we were late arriving, after a quick beer stop in the Primrose we ventured in and made our way along Read more

Opal 3, Leeds - October 2012

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Another from the Leeds meet, shortly after visiting Queen's Hotel we ventured across to Opal 3. Easy enough to get in thanks to Fudge's blagging skills. Some really nice views from here, shame it started raining. Read more

Piscine S, Belgium - September 2012

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The layout of this beautiful modernist building was based on an innovative concept: to combine different types of leisure infrastructure – in this case a swimming pool and a theatre – under the same roof. The grand staircase with a curtain wall was once the piece de résistance of this sublime Read more

Newsome Mills, Huddersfield - September 2012

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A good little mooch as part of our epic weekend of Yorkshire derp, always enjoy looking around mills and this was no exception. Whilst it's pretty far gone and there's not a huge amount to see, it's still nice. The ropey spiral staircase and clock tower was the highlight for me. Unfortunately I Read more

Megatron, Sheffield - September 2012

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The city of Sheffield derives its name from the Sheaf; the river which was culverted beneath the city's streets in the 1860's. Until the 17th century the name Sheaf was written as Scheth or Sheath. Sidney Oldall Addy equates the origins of this word with the Old English shed (as in water-shed) or Read more
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