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Royal Masonic School for Boys, Bushey - November 2012

First visited earlier in the month by myself, was due to go with Clough but he had car troubles so unfortunately couldn't come. Headed back recently with Humpa as part of our little road trip. It's a nice relaxed explore, not a great deal to see in the actual school part, but the chapel is seriously cool. Unbelievable how good condition it is in.

The school for boys was built in Bushey, Hertfordshire in 1903 and a Junior School was added on the other side of The Avenue in 1929. By 1939 there were 800 boys at the school. Following a decline in pupil numbers the junior school closed in 1970; the site is now occupied by Bushey Academy. Numbers continued to fall, and the senior school closed in 1977. For a time, the buildings housed the United States International University (Europe). Both schools were commonly used for films (such as Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, Lucky Jim (twice), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and numerous TV shows) from the 1950s until recently. They have now been redeveloped as luxury housing.

It's an imposing building for sure. However, the modern additions to the left leave much to be desired. One side wall of the main hall. The chapels font. Inside the chapel, complete with pews and pipe organ. The organ console still in great condition. Bibles, sheet music aplenty. Amazing ceiling over the alter. A corridor within the main building. Inside the main hall. Photography club! A classroom with a raked floor. A dark tower. Almost castle like windows. An office. It's clear that years of neglect has had an effect on the building. One room contained a scale model of the entire site.