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Masticator (Meanwood Beck), Leeds - October 2012

Many a laugh was had on this adventure, really enjoyed it, except when I had a welly breach! I have a few videos that I may bung up at some point of some of the funnier moments. Anyway, true to form we were late arriving, after a quick beer stop in the Primrose we ventured in and made our way along the culvert. It was quite an interesting one with a load of different types of construction along the length of it. A couple of highlights were experiencing Stranton's way of saying hello (bellowing "OI" and chasing after us with a searchblaster) and Jasp's inability at trying to jump across a small gap (video to come later).

All in all a great part of a brilliant weekend, thanks to all who came along.

Our starting point. Just inside. An uninspiring concrete section. A metal section. An outdoors section. More outdoors. A different bit, small brick arch roof and stone sides. A nice brick section. Looking slightly repetitive. Various bits started off as small bridges before being fully culverted. A section reinforced with steel. A section overlooked by flats. A change of direction. A relatively fast flowing section. Nice brick work. Old bricked up windows. Stones. Various sections of different ages. The view at the end. Us lot.