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Thoresby Colliery, Nottinghamshire - September 2016

Bit late to the party on this one, I'd been wanting to come back since making a passing visit whilst the place was still operating in 2014. Plenty of things got in the way of visiting but finally I got around to it. Almost too late really, demolition is well under way, they even seem to be working Sundays so that made things a bit more interesting. The coal processing works and rail loading bits are in the process of being turned into a mangled pile of metal on the floor, the rest of the place is largely untouched except for the odd building here and there. Sadly though they have gone to some lengths to prevent access to some of the more interesting parts namely anything around the heads of the shafts, winding rooms etc. The huge mountains of rubble piled in front of doors proved impenetrable, maybe one for another day. They've already made a started improvement works to the spoil heaps and currently they are planning on retaining a number of the buildings which is nice to see (fingers crossed it stays that way).

It was a good day out and I was chuffed with what bits we did get to see, I do like a nice mine. Hopefully I'll have time to have quick whip around the others shortly.