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Gnosall ROC Post - Staffordshire - September 2011

Visited a few posts on the same day however this is the only one I think is worth posting at this time. It's been covered a few times before by others, the hatch doesn't close but it seems to have dried up a lot inside despite the sump being quite full, also the door to the monitoring room is no longer attached to the door frame. Not a lot inside just the toilet, part of the desk and a few other bits and bobs. Up top the ventilation shaft is mangled and full of rubble. The access shaft has quite a bit of paint still on it. On to the pictures they were taken with a little compact from Aldi, I now have a DSLR, still getting used to it though!

Up top! Down the ladder. Inside, relatively intact. Minus the telecoms equipment etc. Crate and desk. Toilet area, various buts if rubble. Non standard light.